Lush Face Wash Review

Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash

I decided to switch, as much as I can, to zero-waste and/or environmentally friendly bath and beauty products. I wanted a face wash that smelled good, was zero-waste, made locally, and was moisturizing. I found this Kalamazoo beard and facial wash from Lush. I know I don’t have a beard, but the featured ingredient is pineapple. I love pineapple. I read some reviews from the bearded and non-bearded alike, and decided to order it.

I’ve organized my reviews in categories with a score out of five, lets see how Kalamazoo does. (Local and Packaging are similar or the same as some of my other reviews for Lush products)

Local 3/5

Lush is made in Toronto (amoung other locations) so its factory is as close to local as I could get. Toronto is only a couple of hours drive from me, and the closest store to me is an hour away. I hate driving so I didn’t go in person. It was ordered online.

Packaging 4/5

kalamazooI asked for the face wash for Christmas so I can’t show you the packaging it came in. I have ordered from them before and can tell you the packaging is pretty close to zero-waste. It all comes in a cardboard box (recyclable), and has biodegradable packing peanuts. Any bars, bombs, or other loose objects are in biodegradable wraps, and containers are just in the box with everything else.

I love the containers! I had not noticed until writing this post that the containers are “not virgin” meaning they are made from recycled materials. Lush also has a program where you can bring back five containers for them to reuse and you get a free face-mask. If I bought this in person the packaging would get a 5/5.

Ingredients 4/5

You can see the full ingredients list online. They only use safe synthetics and natural ingredients. I like that I can pronounce most of the ingredients like almond oil, apricot kernel oil, and fresh pineapple. What I wish was different was if the ingredients were organic. The only organic ingredient listed is jojoba oil. I do like that they have detailed descriptions of the ingredients and why they use them. They also support ethical buying, meaning they try and buy ingredients that are best for the environment and people.

Price 5/5

kalamazoo-reviewI think the price is pretty good. When you consider how much you use each time you wash your face (pictured to the left). I assume if you have a beard you’ll use more than I do. I got the smallest size of  100g for $10.95 CAD and the large is 240g for $24.95 CAD. It sounds a bit pricy but I don’t mind paying for natural ingredients, and made in Canada wages.

I only use a small amount and lather it up all over my wet face. It only takes a bit to work.

Does it work? 4.5/5

My face feels clean every time I use it. I find it very moisturizing. If my skin is dry I let it sit on my face a minute before I rinse it off, and than it moisturizes even more. I like the way it feels and smells. Sadly it does not smell like pineapple, but it still smells good.

If you’ve tried this or other face-washes let me know your thoughts in the comments.

If I am ever fancy enough to get paid for a review I will tell you.


2 thoughts on “Lush Face Wash Review”

  1. Hey, just noticed your blog and felt compelled to share. I too am on a journey to be as green as possible. I recently went full force into offering my natural products online and decided it was best to offer as many products as possible in reusable containers. ie. body butter in reusable aluminum containers, and bath salts in a 946ml mason jar. Years ago, I had a hard time finding products that were truly “natural” with no preservatives or harmful emulsifiers/fragrances/dyes/fillers, so I decided research like crazy and make my own 🙂 If you’re interested, I’m in Toronto and offer handcrafted products that are reasonably priced to make them affordable for all. My website is….I have a blog that I will start offering living green tips too, and offer free shipping on my product line with promo code: freeship (I am hoping to open a retail store this spring). I have so many products I will be offering soon. Wishing you all the best on your journey! Tara


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