These are some of my favourite insigram accounts to follow.They range in topic but are all green. I like following accounts like these for the inspiration. I choose them for the great posts they have and because they post often. Some are individuals and some are organizations.

Following accounts like this can help you stay inspired. This will help you keep your own green goals.



The ugly fruit and veg campaign was created to prevent food waste. The instigram shares pictures of ugly produce to encourage us to stop wasting ugly produce.

General Greeness


This account has posts about zero-waste, recycling, shopping, and more.


Holistic and sustainable posts on everything you could want: cooking, cute pit bulls, books, plants and more.



I love the vaiety of posts. There are pictures of food clothing, plants, books, and more. It’s a small account with only 116 posts, but it’s very good.


This UK account is about one woman’s goal to be zero-waste and minimilist.


The main reason to follow this account are the food hauls. Everything she buys just looks so yummy.


Is not only one of my favourite you tubers but also has great photos.

Minimilism, zero-waste, food, products, and a cute dog. ‘Nough said.


Zero-waste food, products and travel. Always has beautiful pictures.



Not only is this a Vancover based store, but their posts and stories will easily inspire you to switch to zero-waste


This is one of the cutest stores you can find. As soon as the Canadian dollar stops sucking I am buying everything. The owner is also super interactive on Instagram and very helpful.



Matter is a sustainable and ethical clothing brand. The posts focus around the business but is great for fashion and green inspiration.


Fashion revolution is not only about buying ethically, but buying mindfully, thrifting and repairing. There are tons of posts with info graphics and inspiration



Ethical Writers Coalition’s black and white images are more than beautiful. The posts almost always connect to a writer, article or artist that you can go check out.

Bee Keeping


Really cool pictures of honey bees up close and personal. Also has my favourite way to practice finding queens.


Brings together my favourite things beekeeping and environmentalism.



Gardening, potted plants, drying, and flowers.

Let me know if I missed anyone great, and feel free to follow me @amanda_edgley