Five Free Zero Waste Swaps

A lot of people see the perfect pictures on Instagram and think they can’t be zero waste or low waste. The stainless steel containers, the perfectly matching glass jars, it all seems to good to be true. So I came up with a list of zero waste swaps that don’t cost a thing.

1. Save your jars

This is the best tip because saved jars can be used for so many things. When you buy tomato sauce, peanut butter or anything in a glass jar keep it. Just wash it out, take the label off and you have a great zero waste tool. You can use them to freeze soups/veggies/fruit in, pack your lunches in, as a reusable water bottle, as a reusable coffee cup, it’s endless what you can do with it.

2. Save your veggie scraps

You might have seen my post a couple weeks ago on making your own vegetable scraps, but if you haven’t and you want to try check it out. It is a great way to reduce food waste. Instead of tossing your scraps out right away you get to use them.

3. Bring Your Own

Bring your own jar and cutlery with you to festivals, markets, whatever to avoid disposables. Just use the cutlery you already have in your home and bam you have a zero waste kit. It’s better to use what you have than buy a fancy set online.

4. Make your own

Making your own lunches for work, or your own dinners saves a lot of trash (and money). Take out at its best involves cardboard, and worst Styrofoam. You produce less waste by making your own and it’s probably better for you too.

5. Refuse

When you’re offered free samples of food or drinks in plastic cups or paper plates try and refuse it (I know it’s hard to say no to free food). When you go to an event with free things you wont use refuse them. Don’t take the free pen, pencil, magnet if you don’t need them.

Add any other suggestions below!!

7 thoughts on “Five Free Zero Waste Swaps”

  1. I completely agree with the message you are putting out 🙂
    At the beggining I felt like I had to buy this and that to help my zero waste and I prowled etsy for hours to find cute bamboo cutlery, I then realised how ironic it was that I was trying to reduce my impact on the environment by buying more stuff! I have been using my own spoon to take out and about and it works perfectly! In the future I might still buy a bamboo spoon but maybe I never will ^^


  2. Saying no to straws and when you go out to a coffee shop making sure that they are not serving you in a disposable cup (even when you say it’s for here a lot of places will still give you coffee in a paper or plastic cup even when they have their own mugs… I’ve noticed this in iced drinks especially). I was reading an article here the other day from a guy who stop buying straws for his restaurant because he realized that for his three locations he used almost 300,000 straws in one month.

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  3. Saving your veggie scraps sounds like a great idea. Have yet to try it, but am planning to very soon. Making use of kerbside food waste collection bins where local councils provide that service (UK) is also a great idea. I tend to take my food scraps from lunchbox home so they can go into these bins rather than landfill.


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