Lush Tooth Powder Review

Atomic Tooth Powder

It seems Lush is my go to for zero-waste bath and beauty. I’ve been on a mission to find zero-waste toothpaste. I wanted something that still did the job, tasted good and came in as close to zero-waste packaging as possible. This was hard. I found natural toothpastes at my local health food store but nothing zero-waste. I did my research and eventually went with the atomic tooth powder. Lush has many different options but I picked this for the flavour.

I’ve organized my reviews in categories with a score out of five, lets see how Atomic does. (Local and Packaging are similar or the same as some of my other reviews for Lush products)

Local 3/5

Lush is made in Toronto (amoung other locations) so its factory is as close to local as I could get. Toronto is only a couple of hours drive from me, and the closest store to me is an hour away. I hate driving so I didn’t go in person. It was ordered online.

Packaging 4/5

I asked for the tooth powder for Christmas so I can’t show you the packaging it came in. I have ordered from them before and can tell you the packaging is pretty close to zero-waste. It all comes in a cardboard box (recyclable), and has biodegradable packing peanuts.

I love the containers! The containers are “not virgin” meaning they are made from recycled materials. Lush also has a program where you can bring back five containers for them to reuse and you get a free face-mask. If I bought this in person the packaging would get a 5/5.

Ingredients 4.5/5

atomicThe full list of ingredients can be found on Lush’s website. As far as my research has told me the ingredients aren’t too important when it comes to toothpaste/powder/tabs. What I mean is, that it’s the actual brushing action that cleans your teeth and the toothpaste/powder/tabs are just helping. With these ingredients I am very happy. It does have the same basic ingredients as home-made toothpaste, but much more. They have detailed descriptions of the ingredients and why they use them (you just click on each ingredient on the list and are sent to a new page).

Out of the 18 ingredients six are organic and fair-trade. I think this is great, and beats every conventional toothpaste. Lush also support ethical buying, meaning they try and buy ingredients that are best for the environment and people.

Price 4.5/5

atomic-reviewI think the price is very fair considering the amount of organic and fair trade ingredients, in addition to the product being made by hand in Canada. The price is 35g for $9.95 CAD. This sounds crazy expensive for a toothpaste replacement, but trust me it’s good. Pictured to the left is how much I use each time I brush my teeth.

You wet your brush and tap it into the powder. It looks like you barely use any but trust me it’s enough. That’s what makes it much more cost effective than the toothy tabs they sell.

Does it work? 3.5/5

atomic-review2I feel like it’s working? My teeth feel clean after words. I think I need to use it a lot more and see a dentist before we really make a choice on this. It gets nice and foamy when you use it and the taste is easy to get used to. I think I might try a minty flavour next time. At first the flavour is gross but the gross lasts for a second and changes to cardamom. I do like the flavour but it is weird changing from mint.

Overall I think this is a good product. I havn’t yet decided if I’ll stick with it forever.


If I am ever fancy enough to get paid for a review I will tell you.